Johnbosco is a Full Stack Web developer with a passion for speaking and teaching, and a track record for getting things done.

I've been working as a developer for over 5+ years in a variety of technologies including Php, JavaScript,Python and Java at companies like Upsilion Technologies. These days, I'm a Freelance developer and community organiser. If you'd like to get in touch, find me on twitter , or send me an e-mail .

Recent Work

TYEN Learning Management System

The young entreprenuer network learning management system with over 1000+ students.

TYEN Investment system

The young entreprenuer network investment platform

Computer Based Testing Platform(CBT)

griffon technologies computer based testing system

School management System

SMS is a school management system for efficient management of primary and secondary schools. it features includes a result system, finance manager, class manager, students manager and soon on. its is been used in over 5+ schools both over the internet or intranet.

Weather App (Powered by React)

This is a mini weather application developed with react.Js

Food Store (Vanilla Javascript)

This is a food recipe market place. .

Finance Manager (Vanilla Javascript)

This is a finance manager that keeps track of your income and expenses.